Who We Are

Since 1936, The Arc of Washington State has been a leader in the development of services and programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities of all ages and in providing support to their families.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, The Arc of Washington State is composed of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, professionals, and concerned members of the community.

The Arc’s mission is to advocate for the rights and full participation of all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Along with our network of members and chapters, we support and empower individuals and families; connect and inform individuals and families; improve support and service systems; influence public policy; increase public awareness; and inspire inclusive communities.


The Arc of Washington State advocates for quality services and necessary funding to meet the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families including birth to three services, special education, employment, and residential supports, health care, transportation, respite, and inclusion in the community.


The Arc is affiliated with The Arc of the United States and ten local chapters of The Arc throughout Washington State.


The Arc of Washington State Board Officers:

Nancy Stark, President

Peggy Blowers, Vice President

Angie Ziska, Secretary

David Eaton, Treasurer


The Arc of Washington State Staff Members
Stacy Dym  Executive Director
Bean Driscoll
Medicaid Personal Care Parent Provider Training Coordinator
Patti Bell Financial Manager
Tracie Hoppis Parent to Parent Statewide Coordinator
Theresa Van Pelt  Parent to Parent Westside Coordinator
Patricia Gonzalez
Parent to Parent Hispanic Coordinator
Jackie Thomason Parent to Parent Administrative Assistant
Diana Stadden Advocacy and Policy Specialist
Jessica Renner  SAIL Administrative Coordinator
Tamara Roberts Endowment Trust Fund Manager
Melissa Foster
Endowment Trust Fund Disbursement Coordinator
Dylan Simpkins
Endowment Trust Fund Assistant and General Information
Kelly Church
Family Mentor Project Coordinator
Diane Larsen
Family Mentor Assistant Project Coordinator
Rosslyn Bethmann
Family Mentor
Tami McGrath
Family Mentor