2024 Data and Graphics

This section of the legislative notebook includes data pulled from agency reports and other sources.
If you would like review the raw data from the 2023 Developmental Disabilities Administration, you can access it here: 2023 DDA CASELOAD & COST RAW DATA. 

2023-25 DDA Operating Budget

Source: 2023 DDA Caseload and Cost Data
DDA 2023-25 operating budget

2023 DDA Paid & Unpaid Services

Source: 2023 DDA Caseload and Cost Data

Alternative Text: Washington State Map of Counties. each county has a count on clients based on caseload type.

Budget and Caseload Distribution Changes

You can download this graphic here.

Bar chart of the Developmental Disabilities Administration biannual operating budget change over the years by biennium. Graph of Eligible Caseload by type where approximately 73% of the caseload is paid services and 27% of the caseload is no paid services.

2023 Caseload by Race/Ethnicity and Age

Infographic showing caseload by race, Hispanic ethnicity, and age