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With the changes in our world due to COVID-19, many things have changed. One huge thing is that meetings are no longer held in-person. They are now being held in virtual rooms using Zoom or another program. The Arc of Washington wants to ensure that people with intellectual/developmental disabilities are still able to access the information being provided. With all our meetings now being held virtually using Zoom, we want to make them accessible, whenever possible. We are adding closed captioning, live-streaming them on Facebook and other accommodations, as needed. Are you new to the Zoom Boom? Click here to learn some basics!

Take Action Now: The Arc of Washington’s Action Center helps you easily make your voice heard by the people who represent your voice. Their is an Action Alert for you to send your concerns about the budget cuts directly to your legislators. It is also very important that you be well informed about what the candidates who want your vote for Congressional and Legislative seat have in knowledge and experience working on I/DD issues. You can also learn more using our Voter Information campaign.

Programs: Please don’t hesitate to utilize services and programs from The Arc of Washington, its local chapters and other I/DD organizations. Our Parent to Parent program will help connect young families to more experienced parents. Self Advocates in Leadership (SAIL) members make sure their voices are heard by legislators at our Virtual Advocacy Days. 

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The Arc of Washington State advocates for and besides children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families. We have been advocating since 1936, and we envision a world where people with I/DD are included in their communities and neighborhoods and where quality supports and services respond to their needs and personal choices. 

Join us, we are passionate because it’s personal!