Self-Advocacy Job Announcement

Published Aug. 27, 2018

Self-Advocacy Job Announcement

Job Title:  Administrative Director – Self Advocacy
Location: Home
Part Time: 15 HRS PER WEEK

Works with  SAIL staff, volunteers, members and other advocacy organizations to achieve social impact. Provides administrative functions for Self-Advocates in Leadership (SAIL) advocacy activities.  Provides administrative support for self-advocates to develop a strong, community presence by strengthening visibility, volunteer capacity, and building community partnerships.


1. Provides administrative support to maintain  an effective statewide SAIL coalition.
2. Arranges a location for monthly  SAIL meetings.
3. In coordination  with the SAIL chair, develops monthly agendas and newsletter.
4. Develops promotional materials to recruit more SAIL members.
5. Meet with other organizations to recruit additional SAIL members with an emphasis on disparity populations, i.e., people living in diverse regions of the state and culturally and ethnically marginalized populations.
6. Invite speakers to SAIL meetings.
7. Arranges travel to SAIL meetings.
8. Prepares a document identifying SAIL legislative priorities.
9. In coordination with SAIL policy staff, create a one page document that go to legislature each week during session.
10.   Monitor the outcomes identified in DDC contract.

Desired Qualifications

5 years of experience performing administrative functions and activities, including excellent computer skills, phone usage and communication with others

Ideally this position will be filled by a person with a developmental disability.  Must be able to work as part of a team, also work independently and complete tasks on time.

Office located in their home.


Please send your letter of interest and resume to Ivanova Smith, Self-Advocates In Leadership, 2638 State Ave., Olympia, Washington 98506 or e-mail to Ivanova at no later than 5:00pm, Friday, September 21, 2018.      .