Halfway through!

Published Mar. 12, 2015

Which bills are still moving?


The cut-off for bills to get voted off the House or Senate floor was March 11th at 5 pm. Any bills not passed by then died ... maybe. There is an exception for bills that have a fiscal note and need money included in the state’s budget in order to be implemented. This is called “Necessary To Implement the Budget (NTIB)”. This only happens if budget writers decide they want a certain bill included.

Legislators spent may long days on the floor, debating and passing one bill after another. On the floor, typically at least one member from the Democratic party and one from the Republican party speak to members and let their party’s members know whether they should vote “yea” or “no” on each bill. This is for bills that have no controversy to them. Other bills can be more contentious with many members from each party speaking as to why they think members should or should not pass the bill. For some bills, this process can take hours before a vote is taken.

Bills that make it out of the Rules committee and get voted on by the floor have made it through the first half of the session. Then they go to the other chamber and go through the same process there (policy committee – deadline April 1st; fiscal committee – deadline April 7th; Rules Committee and floor vote – deadline April 15th at 5 pm).

To see where our bills of interest are and find out which bills are still alive, visit our web site at:

Where is the budget?

The Governor’s budget proposal was released was released in January, we are hearing the House and Senate budget proposals should be released by the end of March. Stay tuned.

What can you do now?

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