2018 Legislative Notebook

Information for the 2018 legislative session

Issue Pages (download PDF file)

  • Amend and Add Definitions to 71A 
  • DD Supported Housing
  • Stabilize the Network of Providers
  • Parent to Parent (P2P)
  • Community Inclusion
  • Downsize and Close RHCs
  • Supported Decision-making
  • Alternatives to Guardianship
  • Coordination of Early Intervention Services
  • Fully Fund Special Education
  • Transition Planning for Students
  • DD Full Life Partnership
  • Language Access  in Special Education
  • Consumer Directed Training
  • Housing Trust Fund DD Set-aside
  • Toxins in Foods Kids Love?
  • Playing with Toxins?
  • Expand the Personal Needs Allowance
  • Strengthen TANF, HEN, & ABD



Budget Charts:

  • DDA Biennial Base Funding
  • DDA 2018 Supplemental Budget Requests for Residential Habilitation Centers
  • DDA 2018 Supplemental Budget Requests for Administration & Community Services
  • DDA Budget Appropriation by Fiscal Year

DDA Caseload Charts:

  • DDA Eligibility Determinations
  • DDA Caseload Growth
  • Enhanced Case Management Program
  • DDA Program Caseload Information

Living Statistics:

  • People with DD—Where Do They Live?
  • How Many People Live Where?
  • Where People Live—Type of Residence by County
  • Clients by Ethnicity, Gender, Age & Caseload Type

Service Types:

  • Clients Approved by Service Type
  • DDA Children/Adults—Enrolled Clients by County (Map)
  • Clients on Paid/No Paid Services Caseloads by County (Map)
  • Total Caseload by Age Group/County
  • Paid Services Caseload by Age Group/County
  • No Paid Services Caseload by Age Group/County

Waiver Charts:

  • HCBS Funded Waiver Capacity
  • HCBS Waiver Client by Waiver Type and by County
  • Waiver and Residential Setting Average Costs
  • Individual and Family Services
  • Community First Choice Services
  • Clients Enrolled in Medicaid/Food Benefits

Birth to 3/Employment/Day Services:

  • Child Development Services by County
  • High School Transition Students by Region
  • Clients Receiving Employment/Day Program Services by County
  • DDA Supported Employment Services
  • Pre-Vocational Employment

Communtity Residential:

  • Community Residential Services Options
  • Residential Placement Counts of Adults by Region
  • Residential Placement Counts for Children by Region
  • Licensed Staffed Residential for Children

Residential Habilitation Centers (RHC):

  • 2017 US Statistics on Institutions
  • History of Declining RHCs
  • RHC Clients Moved to the Community via Roads to Community Living (RCL)
  • Roads to Community Living  Activity
  • State Operated Living Alternatives (SOLA)
  • Residential Habilitation Centers (RHC)
  • RHC Short-term Stays
  • RHC Emergent/Planned Stays
  • Death Statistics



Developmental Disabilities Administration Requests for:

        Residential Habilitation Centers (RHC):

       Community Services:



Superintendent of Public Instruction Requests for:


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