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2019 budget final

Bills of Interest 5/2/19

2019 Bills of Interest 5/2/19

2019 Budget 5/2/19

2019 Legislative Session Wrap-up

Olympia Reporter 5/1/19

P2P Newsletter - May 2019

P2P Coordinator Site List April 2019

2019 Budget House Senate

Bills of Interest 4-15-19

Publication Request Form

P2P Volunteers, Helping Parents, Confidentiality and Privacy Guidelines (2019)

P2P Zoom Chat April 8, 2019

P2P Zoom Meeting April 8, 2019

Parent to Parent is a Help with Advice and Resources…

Anonymous Parent (King County)

Budget - House & Senate

Bills of Interest 4/4/19

P2P Newsletter - April 2019

Guía de Cuidado Dental para Pacientes con Síndrome de Down

Dental Care Guidance for Patients with Special Needs

Emergency Dentist USA (Washington)

ADA Research Find a Dentist

2019 Budget - Governor/House

Bills of Interest 3/27/19

...better advocate for my child at school.

Anonymous Parent (King County)

Resources in Washington State

The Power of a Parent Match - Connections all across the State

The Power of a Parent Match

Connections all across the State By Danielle Woodcock

Informing Families (Spanish)

What the Social Security Office has to say about Special Needs Trusts

1.866.363.4276 End Harm

Advocacy Day: Incredible Need for Supported Living!

Northwest Justice Project

Center for Parent Information and Resources (NICHCY)

CHADD - Spanish

Benefits Eligibilty Screening Tool

Advocacy Day: Incredible Learning!

Paraeducator Training and Testing On-line Course

Supporting and Protecting Children, Youth and Families

Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and other Special Needs

Disability and Health Emergency Prepardness (CDC)

OSPI Conferences, Trainings & Professional Development

SS Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool

Thank you for presenting…IEP Transition Plans at the Kent School District

We received this email following a presentation on IEP Transition Plans at the Kent School District Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Parent Night,

Thank you for presenting to our group…IEP Transition Plans at the Kent School District

Thank you for presenting…IEP Transition Plans at the Kent School District

P2P Coordinator Site List March 2019

Advocacy Day: Incredible Jobs!

Bills of Interest 3/5/19

Advocacy Day: Housing for All

P2P Newsletter - March 2019

P2P Newsletter - February 2019

2019 budget

Governor budget 2019

Bills of Interest 1-29-19

Circle of Security Parenting

“I enjoy supporting families and when possible, share the possibilities.”

Debbie Chapman (Lincoln/Whitman Counties P2P) September 2018

Parent to Parent (P2P) has impacted my family tremendously.

Fabiola Solis (Skagit County P2P) September 2018

Parent Support_Ethnic Outreach Spanish

Parent Support_Ethnic Outreach English

IFS Waiver DDA documents (new

On-Line Support Parent Trainings


Heart Bookmarker

Informing Families…Today and Tomorrow (Fall 2018)

Family Resource Center: Providing education, information and support (Spanish)

Family Resource Center: Providing education, information and support (English)

Email regarding Loss of state funding

Charting the Life Course: Tool for Developing a Vision - Family

50 Ways to Take a Break

Brainstorming for 2019

Are you interested in becoming a Sibshop Facilitator?

Protective Factors Survey

New Contract Reporting Form 2018-2019

Opportunities to Provide Input by Survey:

Group Facilitation Coordinator Panel

Useful Tools to Keep Multicultural Families Engaged and Motivated

Adult Sibling Toolkit:

Charting the Lifecourse Family Workshop - Creating a Whole Life

Talk About Program Evaluation Tool (forms)

Training Evaluation Sheet

In a Nutshell: Facilitating Support Group Meetings

Section Two Notebook

Section One Notebook presented by Yakima P2P

Starfish Story

Coordinators at 2018 September Annual Training

Getting Your Support Group Up and Running

Agendas (Day 1 & 2)

Annual P2P Coordinator Trainings

Spanish P2P Webinar Summary 01-15-19

Parent to Parent February 15 2017 Webinar

P2P Go to Meetings and Coordinators Training Webinars

More Resources

Autism Resources:

Camp Resources:

Due to a loss of state funding, the Center for Children with Special Needs closed for its doors effective September 30, 2018. This directory lists camps that were offered summer 2018. Please note, this directory does not include individual camp information including dates for summer 2019. You will need to visit the individual camp websites for specific information

Children with Special Health Care Needs or On-going Healthcare Needs:

Grief and Loss Resource Information:

Healthy Relationship and Sexuality Education Resource Information:

Transition Resources

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