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P2P Newsletter December 2018

P2P Coordinator Site List December 2018

P2P Citations

Endorsed Practices for Parent to Parent Support

Economist Telomeres - Stress and Aging


2018 P2P peer support for parents of children with a disability:

Your Idea Can Be a State Law 2018 Español

What’s Next-A Vision of the Future Español

History of State National Activities 2017 Español

Keys for a Successful Advocacy Day 2019 Español

Invest in Life:  Growing Your Options Spanish

Being an Effective Advocate Español

Guardianship Spanish

Federal Benefits Services

Hot Tips Español

Being an Effective Advocate

Action Network brochure (Spanish)

Facts About the HCBS 5 New Waviers (Spanish)

Our family is stronger because we know the positive impact of parent connection.

Our family is stronger because we know the positive impact of parent connection.”

Melissa Abraham - Whatcom Parent to Parent

The Arc of Washington State

Padres A Padres del Condado de Whatcom

Yakima County Parent to Parent Uspanol

Yakima County Parent to Parent spanish

Yakima County Parent to Parent Spanish

P2P Newsletter - November 2018

2019 Employment-Day

2019 DDA Program Numbers

2019 Budget-Caseload Charts

Snohomish Parent to Parent brochure (Spanish)

Candidate Maralyn Chase

After a Helping Parent Training

our P2P Coordinator received this email...

P2P Newsletter

Candidate Timm Ormsby

Candidate Dino Rossi

Candidate Claire Wilson

Talk About Sexual Violence

Understanding the Bigger Picture

Puberty: Special Needs May Complicate Things

P2P New Coordinator Checklist

Attributes (Qualities) of a Good Parent to Parent Coordinator

Coordinator Job Description

P2P Newsletter September 2018

Candidate Kim Schrier

2019 Advocacy Days

Self-Advocacy Job Announcement

Emergency Preparedness - Preparing Your Bedroom

P2P Newsletter - August 2018

Candidate Dave Wilson

Candidate Tim Ballew II

Candidate Luanne Van Werven

Candidate Emily Randall

Candidate Derek Kilmer

Candidate James Robert Deal

Candidate Shannon Hader

Candidate John Lovick

Candidate Sharon Shewmake

Candidate Tana Senn

Candidate Ivan Lewis

Candidate Elizabeth Scott

Candidate Mike Sells

Candidate John McCoy

Candidate Rebecca Saldaña

Candidate Dan Griffey

Candidate Lemuel Charleston

Candidate Shannon Braddock

Candidate Tirzah Idahosa

Candidate Christine Kilduff

Candidate Marty McClendon

Candidate Chris Gildon

Candidate Jamie Smith

Candidate C Davis

Candidate Joel McEntire

Candidate Tom Dent

Candidate Dave Lucas

Candidate Sylvia Hammond

Candidate Sasha Bentley

Candidate Sydney Gillman Wissel

Candidate Nathan Deily

Candidate Keith Smith

Candidate Chad Magendanz

Candidate Skyler Rude

Parent Support_Ethnic Outreach

Parent Support Ethnic Outreach-Spanish

P2P Disability Resource Information Brochure

I Found a Treasur in a Parent Match through Parent to Parent

by Beth Palmer (Apr/May/Jun 2018 Issue 74 Yakima P2P)

I Found a Treasure in a Parent Match Through Parent to Parent

P2P Newsletter - July 2018

Candidate Irene Bowling

Candidate John Dickinson

Candidate AJ Cooper

Candidate Dan Mildon

Candidate John W. Aiken, Jr.

Candidate Matt Seymour

Candidate Larry Hoff

Candidate Rebecca Francik

Candidate Kathy Gillespie

Candidate Kathy Coffey

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