Autism with 2018 Online Lectures: (main link)

On-Line lectures: 2017 LECTURES
Autism 201: The State of Autism in 2017 With Jim and Raphe Instructors: Raphael Bernier, PhD, and Jim Mancini, MS, CCC-SLP
Autism 202: Autism Genetics: What Parents Should Know Instructors: Heather Mefford, MD, and Jennifer Gerdts, PhD
Autism 203: Making Friends on the Playground: Social Skills Support in School Instructor: Jill Locke, PhD
Autism 204: Parent Training to Address Problem Behaviors of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder Instructor: Karen Bearss, PhD
Autism 205: Autism and Police: Staying Safe Together Facilitator: Robin Tatsuda, MSW
Autism 206: Transition to Adulthood: Finding a Job Instructors: Richard Wilson, MPA, and Maureen Roberts, MEd, CRC
Autism 207: Transition to Adulthood: Keeping a Job Instructors: Gina Solberg, CESP, and Abbey Lawrence, MEd, BCBA
Autism 208: Screening for ASD: A Preventative Intervention Approach (video not yet available) Instructor: Lisa Ibanez, PhD
Autism 209: Early Intervention in Autism: An Overview of the Seattle Children’s Autism Center Model Instructor: Mendy Minjarez, PhD
Autism 210: Autism From a Sibling’s Perspective: A Panel Discussion Facilitator: Tammy Mitchel, sister; manager, Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center

Online lectures: 2016 LECTURES
Autism 201: The State of Autism in 2016 - Raphael Bernier, PhD, and Jim Mancini, MS, CCC-SLP
Autism 202: Addressing Challenging Behavior Part 1 of 2: Use of Applied Behavior Analysis to Assess and Treat Disruptive Behavior - Eric Boelter, PhD, BCBA-D
Autism 203: Addressing Challenging Behavior Part 2 of 2: Strategies for Home and School - Nancy Rosenberg, PhD, BCBA-D
Autism 204: Helping Children with Autism who Struggle with Restrictive Eating: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improving Mealtimes - Danielle Dolezal, PhD, BCBA-D
Autism 205: Understanding Developmental Disability Administration (DDA): New Pathways to the Future - Ed Holen, executive director, Developmental Disabilities Council
Autism 206: Transition to Adulthood – Community-Based Housing Options for Adults with Disabilities Instructors: Vicki Isett and Pam Blanton, Community Homes, Inc.
Autism 207: Transition to Adulthood – Connecting to Vocational, Educational, Social and Wellness Resources Instructors: Ben Wahl, MSW, Aspiring Youth, and Therese Vafaeezadeh, ARNP
Autism 208: Transition to Adulthood – Social-Sexuality Education for Young People with Autism Instructor: Britta Saltonstall, PhD, BCBA
Autism 209: Multicultural Issues and Autism Spectrum Disorder Instructors: Robin Tatsuda, MSW, ARC of King County, and Sayaka Omori, MEd, Open Doors for Multi-Cultural Families
Autism 210: Benefits of Mindfulness Instructors: James Mancini, MS, CCC-SLP, and Felice Orlich, PhD
Autism 211: In Our Own Words: A Panel of Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder Gary Stobbe, MD, director the University of Washington Adult Autism Clinic


You can view all Autism 200 Series lectures from the past two years on the Autism 200 Series playlist.

Additional Autism resources (from Resource page-by Subject):

For additional resources, visit the Autism Center Resources page or The Autism Blog, authored by Seattle Children's Autism Center. The world of autism spectrum disorders is constantly changing and we at Seattle Children’s Autism Center are eager to share with parents and caregivers what we continue to learn. The Autism Blog is designed to be a resource on autism as well as to give you an opportunity to comment on our posts and engage with our experts.