2016 NOTES: P2P Coordinator's Training Wenatchee September 21st-22nd 2016

Evaluation Tools from:
Yakima in English (in Spanish), Thurston, King (# 1 Event Evaluation - # 2 Helping Parent Training Evaluation - # 3 Feedback Monkey Survey - # 4 June Survey Results - # 5 Support Group Evaluation)

2017 NOTES: P2P Coordinators Training Yakima September 24th-25th 2017 (Table of Content)

1) P2P Training 9-25-17 Agenda-day 1
2) P2P Training 9-26-17 Agenda-day 2
3) Holland attachment
4) Follow-up ideas from training (Tracie Hoppis) Yakima
5) Telling Your Story Attachment
6) Telling Your Story with a Purpose Facilitator Guide and Curriculum
7) P2P Yakima Training Sept 2017 Partners4Housing flyer Pam Blanton
8) Notes from the 2017 September Coordinators Training
9) Training Input for WAStateP2P Sept 2017 Yakima
10) WA State Child Health Notes October 2017

2018 NOTES: P2P Coordinator Training-September 24th-25th 2018 (picture of Coordinators at P2P September Training in Tumwater, WA)

  1. Agendas (Day 1 & 2) for September 24th and September 25th, 2018
  2. Getting Your Support Group Up and Running Yakima County P2P
  3. Starfish Story
  4. Yakima - Section One Notebook (Autism Support Group, Homies with Extra Chromies, Monthly Calendar of Events, Sign-in Sheet for Activity, Group Promises)
  5. Yakima - Section Two Notebook (Valentine Dice Game, I Feel Loved When..., etc.)
  6. Yakima - In a Nutshell: Facilitating Support Group Meetings
  7. Day Two - Training Evaluation Sheet
  8. South Sound Parent to Parent Talk About Program Evalution Tool (forms)
  9. Snohomish P2P Charting the Lifecourse Family Workshop - Creating a Whole Life
  10. Snohomish P2P Adult Sibling Toolkit:  A Future planning guide for siblings of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Washington State.
  11. Ethnic Outreach Staff Meeting and Followup Summary of Useful Tools to Keep Multicultural Families Engaged and Motivated by Patty Gonzalez & Mely Cervantes
  12. P2P State Training/Group Facilitation Coordinator Panel
  13. Opportunities to Provide Input by Survey: DD Council Meeting
  14. New Contract Reporting Form 2018-2019 DDA
  15. Helping Parent (HP) Match-Protective Factors Survey
  16. Are you interested in becoming a Sibshop Facilitator?
  17. Brainstorming for 2019
  18. 50 Ways to Take a Break
  19. Charting the Life Course: Tool for Developing a Vision - Family (Missouri Family to Family February 2014) & WA DSHS What to do and when to do it - for students with a developmental disability.
  20. Email regarding Loss of state funding for Children with Special Health Care Needs
  21. Family Resource Center: Providing education, information and support (English) and (Spanish)
  22. Resource Guide: for Children with a Medical, Developmental, Mental or Behavioral Health Condition/Seattle Children's Center for Children with Special Needs cshcn.org 2018-2019
    After 20 years serving families of children with special needs, due to a loss of state funding, the Center for Children with Special Needs has closed its doors effective September 30, 2018. During the coming months, many resources on CSHCN.org will become available on SeattleChildrens.org.
  23. Washington State Summer Camp Directory 2018 - Seattle Children's Center for Children with Special Needs cshcn.org
  24. Heart Bookmarker
  25. Informing Families...Today and Tomorrow (Fall 2018) with Articles (see below)
  • Preparing for a Meaningful Life After High School
  • Whats Next? IEP Goals for Transition
  • Expectations Matter.  Expect Ability.
  • Transfer of Rights at 18
  • Transition Timeline
  • Kevin's Law: Beginning life as an adult with inclusion by Diana Stadden
  • Employment Funding for High School Transition Grads
  • Health Care Transitions
  • Disability Benefits and Services