Parent to Parent (P2P) documents

The following are documents for Washington State P2P Coordinators.

P2P Coordinator Manual

Introduction and Table of Contents

Ch. 1 - Establishing a Program

Ch. 2 - Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

Ch. 3 - Volunteer Training

Ch. 4 - Community Outreach

Appendix A - Sample Forms, Tips, & Guides

Attributes (Qualities) of a Good Parent to Parent Coordinator

Coordinator Job Description

P2P New Coordinator Checklist 7-31-2018


Information on ACES


P2P Helping Parent (HP) Training Manual

Introduction and Table of Contents

  • Welcome to Holland by Emily Pearl Kingsley
  • Celebrating Holland-I'm Home by Cathy Anthony

Ch. 1 - Orientation

Ch. 2 - Emotional Adjustment

Ch. 3 - Communication Skills

Ch. 4 - The Helping Parent Role

Ch. 5 - Into the Community

Ch. 6 - Resources

Appendix A - Other Training Materials

P2P Helping Parent (HP) Powerpoint Manual - in Spanish

P2P Yakima Helping Parent Training Powerpoint Presentation in Spanish January 2017

(Compiled by P2P Yakima County)

English and Spanish resource for  Information about the school system in Special Education, stories from parents and students and much more.  Easy to understand and navigate.  How we can be a good advocate for our children using the same language as the professionals use.

Parent to Parent Contact List

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About Parent to Parent /Ethnic Outreach

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Parent to Parent Disability Information & Resource Brochure

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Epilepsia en Washington

a DVD produced through a Washington State Department of Health Epilepsy grant and with a collaboration with CSHCN and P2P showing parents talking about the struggles they face. If you need copies of the DVD or have questions, click here to email Lorraine Van Brunt, Family Involvement Coordinator.

PowerPoint Presentations

Overview of Washington State P2P Programs - This presentation was given by Susan Atkins at the P2P USA Directors Leadership Institute in September, 2013.

Using Social Media to Facilitate Peer Support - This presentation was given by Cathy Murahashi in a webinar on November 19, 2013.

Using ACES in Parent to Parent Programs - This presentation was given by Cathy Murahashi in a webinar on February 19, 2015.
Accompanying Documents:

Take the ACE Quiz - and Learn What It Does and Doesn't Mean

Helping Parent Presentation ISECC by Cathy Murahashi July 19, 2013

Helping Parent Training by Cathy Murahashi July 19, 2013

Mindfulness & Meditation Resources - Thanks to Kate Orville for this info.  The Leveys introduce readers to dozens of mindfullness and meditation techniques, skillfully organized into five categories of practice, making Mindfullness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness a very comprehensive and easy-to-use resource for inner exploration and transformation.

King County Helping Parent Training for Dads, Grandparents etc. & Yahoo groups connection - Embedded within Information & Family Support at the Arc of King County is the Parent to Parent (P2P) program, which believes that often the most valuable form of support comes from other parents who have traveled the road before you. We understand the emotions, myths, and realities of parenting a child with a disability. We don't necessarily solve a family's problem, but we are willing to listen and share our own experiences.   Our staff is composed of parents, siblings, and extended family members of people with disabilities. P2P provides many opportunities for parents to connect through community events, support groups (both in person and virtual), and Helping Parent matches.

Through our Helping Parent program, we match parents looking for extra support with a Helping Parent, who has been trained to offer confidential, non-judgmental support and understanding. Our Helping Parents have access to a Yahoo support groups just for them, as well as leadership and advocacy opportunities throughout the year.

In addition to in-person and one-on-one support options, we're also proud to offer close to 20 virtual support groups for a variety of communities: single parents, parents of medically complex children, parents of adults, dads only, and so much more.  For information about our online support options, including groups based on diagnosis, region of the county, specific life circumstances, and more, click here:
For information about Parent to Parent in King County, including Helping Parents, click here:
For information about services and support available for Spanish speaking families, click here:
For African American community support contact Richard Mullen at 206-829-7036 OR

Skagit P2P Helping Parent Training - Presented by Heather Milliren, Skagit County P2P on April 29, 2015.  NOTE: This is for reference only and not to be copied by other programs.

Skagit P2P Helping Parent Training "Communication" section
Helping Parent Training: Whatcom County P2P - Grief Section - Presented by Karlene Umbaugh, P2P Whatcom. Note: One should not use this material without research, especially on secondary loss. Rachel Naomi Remen's "Kitchen Table Wisdom" is a great resource on grief.

Links to various video clips that were a part of this presentation:

  1. WA Parent to Parent Video series on YouTube
  2. Brene Brown's "Empathy vs. Sympathy"
  3. "Welcome to Holland" poem by Emily Perl Kingsley as performed by Ron Silcock
  4. "Welcome to Holland" poem by Emily Perl Kingsley (with nice visuals and background music)
  5. 'Sunshine After the Storm" how P2P can help by Rachel Nemhauser

There are many different visualizations on YouTube for "Welcome to Holland". This is just a sample of what's available.

“Welcome to Vegas”, by Tracie Hoppis parent from Yakima-"When Andy was diagnosed with Autism, our lives were anything but serene and peaceful.  Sleepless nights, wild tantrums and marathon meltdowns, food phobias, restrictive and repetitive behaviors, invisible “triggers”, and daily sensory overload.  I think our lives more closely resembled Las Vegas! "

Finally, Karlene Umbaugh of Whatcom P2P uses mini containers of Playdough as a hands on activity during her training. She sets these out on the table and asks that each participant shape the Playdough into an animal that best represents themselves. Toward the end of the training she allows time for each participant to explain their animal. This offers insight about that participant for her to keep in mind when making a match.

If you have questions about the above Skagit or Whatcom County materials, please contact them directly.  Click here for their contact information.

Additional Documents

Apple Health, Private Insurance and DD Waivers...Who's Got You Covered (Informing Families)

Personal Care Services (for undocumented) and those not served by DDA

P2P Connection Newsletter issue 71 - Travis Alert Law

How to take a BREAK from all the Bad News out there

Article: "Life After High School, ten skills to teach your child" by Diane Adreon, M.A.

From Pennsylvania P2P: The Importance of and Tips on Matching

From New Jersey SPAN/AMCHP: Documents from the State Site Visit
These documents cover how they provide family leadership to diverse families and collaborate with so many organizations.

Personal Style Inventory - Source: David Merrill & Roger Reid, Personal Styles and Effective Performance

Parent to Parent Organizational Crosswalk

Peer Mentoring Waiver Service DDA  written by State P2P Coordinator Susan Atkins

2019 DOH/PAVE RFP Awards:

Congratulations to Skagit County P2P, South Sound P2P (Thurston/Mason Counties) and Yakima County P2P as they were awarded the DOH/PAVE RFP Awards. See below what they will be tackling.

Camp Resources:

Due to a loss of state funding, the Center for Children with Special Needs closed for its doors effective September 30, 2018. This directory lists camps that were offered summer 2018. Please note, this directory does not include individual camp information including dates for summer 2019. You will need to visit the individual camp websites for specific information