Days In The Life of A P2P Coordinator: Christine Griffin, Whatcom P2P

Published Feb. 16, 2012

Recently, at one of our parent support meetings we hosted a night on the topic of "Behavior", and as you might imagine our cozy meeting room was bursting at the seams. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the topic of behavior that came up -that was a given- rather it was how families felt a lack of focus on the care and nurturing of the whole family  from insurance and health care systems.

However, this article is not about how state and federal systems are failing. That my friends will take much more than a small article to change. Instead, I want to direct your attention to you the families, who understand so well that tugging pulling feeling that comes from a million directions when one of our children is challenged bringing about yet another journey, another chapter, another and another all the while we are asked to courageously organize, plan and lead the expedition.

So, what happens to the other loved ones in our lives? How and where do we draw from mustering the energy to scale another mountain? By making sure we have the right tools and a buddy system.

So, before I break out into song with "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus, let me say that it is Parent to Parent’s mission this year to dedicate more of our efforts to the whole family: brothers & sisters; dads and moms; grandmas & grandpas; and anyone in between, so we have the right support and gear to scale any peak that comes our way.

Queue music.