“The P2P program was very instrumental”

Dear Legislators,

I am a single parent of two daughters, one of them is a child with special needs.  I have found the ARC of Snohomish Co. to be a tremendous resource for me to help my daughter.  The programs that they put on, the parents who offer insight and advice and the resources of that office will be decimated if they aren’t able to keep the funding that helps to keep this program all together.

My experience was that I needed some specific advice on how to transition my daughter from high school into adulthood.  This is complicated enough with trying to understand the paperwork involved with a guardianship and starting the paperwork with some of the agencies who will help her as an adult.  The Parent to Parent program was very instrumental in helping me to learn how to start this process, what to do first, what things were of a lesser priority, etc.  I will continue to use this program because it is a terrific resource for me and my family.

Please keep the funding intact.  I now these are difficult times, but the services that this program offers are too important to lose.

Thank you for your time and support,

Susan Paine
Edmonds, WA