Testimony: Michelle Williams, Kittitas County

This is the testimony that Michelle Williams gave to her Legislators in January 2016 when she commented on the P2P bill.

Parent to Parent is a vital program for families raising children with special needs. I am the Kittitas County P2P Coordinator and have had this position for 13 years. When my son was diagnosed with classic autism and epilipsy over 15 years ago, P2P helped connect me with other families who were raising special children, shared disability resources and provided educational workshops so I could understand the multitude of agencies and programs that we would need to navigate for our son. Raising special children is very wonderful and rewarding......it can also be hard and isolating. Having other parents to talk to and get the emotional support we need, is vital to having healthy and resilient parents who can advocated effectively for their children. Please support P2P. It needs to be statewide to help ALL of Washington's special families.
Michelle Williams