“Parent to Parent is a ‘life line’ for new families entering the world of special needs.”

Tracie Hoppis, Yakima P2P

”Parent to Parent is a 'life line' for new families entering the world of special needs.  When a parent learns his or her child has Down syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, or another developmental disability, their world suddenly becomes very small, and sometimes very dark.  Parents struggle to adjust to new information that will impact their child and family for the rest of their lives.  Research has shown that what helps these families is compassionate support- from other parents who have 'been there'; who can share stories from years ago when their child was first diagnosed, to stories from today when their child is thriving and parents are learning to navigate systems and become a strong voice for their child.  Unlike other services for young families raising children with special needs, Parent to Parent support is not reimbursed by insurance companies.  Funding is minimal and sporadic across counties in Washington state. Equitable access and stable funding requires Olympia’s attention and support." 

Tracie Hoppis, Yakima Parent to Parent program