“P2P provides a place where other moms understand.”

“P2P has been a huge help for my family.  We have 3 children with developmental delays.  Some days I am overwhelmed by the number of things I have to accomplish to help them develop.  P2P provides a place where other moms understand.  We laugh about things that other moms would be shocked at.  We laugh because if we don’t we’ll cry.  That support and understanding is such a relief.

Even more important is the support provide through the Sibshop events for my typically developing child.  She watches her siblings go to multiple appointments.  They are “special” and get lot of Mom’s attention.  She’s old enough to understand why they get so much attention, but it’s only natural to have some resentment.  Sometimes her siblings odd behavior becomes almost overwhelmingly frustrating for her.  Sometimes, it’s just plain embarrassing.  Sibshop provides a safe place for her to talk about her feelings about her siblings.  It also gives her a “special” event to attend and reminds her that she is special too.”

Dawnette M. Chadwick, Coordinator
Medical Reserve Corps
Whatcom County, WA