My Family Voice is Heard Because of Parent to Parent Platform

Tiffany Wheeler Thompson – Island County Parent to Parent January 26, 2017

My family consists of two amazing kids, both with their own struggles; and their father, my husband of over 20 years. Quentin will be 16 (with a driver's license) on February 1st. Quentin has been diagnosed with Tourettes, ADHD and anxiety disorder. Anxiety is his biggest hurdle right now. Zoe Rose is 13 and rocks an extra chromosome. Her struggle right now is understanding her body changes and hormonal outbursts.

I used P2P when my daughter was born, all those years ago. I felt a need/desire to pay it forward and help future generations on their journey. P2P has given me confidence to be heard, for our families, in our community, outreach for support and resources for our families.

The knowledge that has come with this position is invaluable to not only my family but those that desperately need the up-to-date information. It is an ongoing changing world and it is up to us as leaders to keep our family voices heard. P2P gives many that platform.