“If we lose…Parent to Parent, where do we go to get the support?”

I’m not able to go but would like to say that thanks too Parent to Parent Miles received a tricycle donated to him by Windemere Properties.

Kathy Evans excepted it and handed over the trike to Miles that has helped him get the exercise that he needs for his legs. Miles really enjoys his trike and I believe it has allowed him to feel more a part of
the family when he can enjoy something of his own and we get to see the smile and hear his laughter as we take him for his walks everyday (weather permitting). Miles has since lost the ability to walk because the surgery that was to help him walk did not go well and this trike has given him the ability to get out and use the legs that no longer let him walk or stand on his own.

The other thing is the camp for the kids and families where we can go and know that someone is not looking at him or any of the other kids as being different. Being able to share our thoughts, feelings and

frustrations as a family rather than just one parent is an important thing not only for the kids with disabilities but their families as a whole. Have fun at the same time as a group.

Moms group, dance and the once a month get together that was nice to be a part of that and be able to take a big breathe and feel like a part of something instead of a misfit because of our child with disabilities.

Parent to Parent is needed for us that feel loss, stressed and information that is needed to figure out what next step we as parents need to make to insure our children’s life. Without them we would be
floundering because there isn’t a program here in Thurston County that I found that has the compassion and the want to help families in need. If we lose them Parent to Parent where do we go to get the support and directions to make life a little easier for the children and us as parents with our disabled children?

Thank You Parent to Parent for the support and information that I have asked for and help with getting medical needed equipment for my son. You have a blessing for us.

Molly O’Brien