“I haven’t found this anywhere else in the community.”

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in support of the Parent to Parent Program. Here is a little bit of background on my family.

I am a young mother of 2 boys, 2 year old Noah and 6 week old baby Elliot. Earlier this year Noah was diagnosed with autism. Devastating and extremely hard to deal with while adding a new baby to our family. I was at risk to get Post Partum depression but the support I found from mothers I connected
with through the Parent to Parent program has helped me tremendously.
This program offers many events and activities appropriate for kids with disabilities and their families, this is a safe environment where my son is learning how to socialize, which is a major challenge for autistic children like him. I haven’t found this anywhere else in the community.

Please consider the Parent to Parent program for funding. There are too many families across the state benefiting from it and we are one of them.

Thank You


Fabiola Tercero, a parent in Lynwood, WA