Parent to Parent has given me a platform to reach parents and the tools I needed to be a credible resource. ~~Shelly G (Spokane P2P)

I am the mother of five total kids, two are grown up and on their own and three are still at home.  Our biggest challenge is finding the time and money to do everything that we’d like to do.  I have a baseball player who also wants to take music lessons, dance lessons, gymnastics and coding.  I have an artist who also wants to learn piano, drums and gymnastics. I have a drummer who is starting volleyball and also wants to take art, gymnastics and dancing.  We would all like to take vacations (we’ve taken two in 17 years) and my husband and I would like date nights.  

Since starting as a P2P coordinator, I have been to many more meetings and trainings with groups that I didn’t even know about.  I have gained more knowledge about our community and resources.  Even though I had knowledge in many areas before starting as P2P, now that I have a title, I have gained credibility and more people are more readily reaching out to me for information. I feel very confident now because I am surrounded by knowledgeable people that I can go to for information and guidance if I don’t have the information that someone is looking for.

My family misses me at home, and they have been forced to take on more household chores.  They don’t like it, but I don’t mind. ��  I am still so new at this position and am still in the planning stages of building my programs and reputation, that I don’t know that there has been a community impact yet, but I hope to be impactful soon!