A Sense Of Fulfillment - A New And Different Sense Of Purpose

“I am the one who gets to go home feeling happy to be part of the ripple effect of so much good.”~~Bobbi Bjork (Clark County P2P)

“My story of who I am, who is my family and what is our biggest challenge?  After a long term marriage, I became a single Mama and sole provider 6 years ago. This event created challenges for my two kiddos and myself, too many to name. After spending the last three years in commission only, high level sales, I got really honest with myself about the kind of “work” I wanted to spend my time doing, and not knowing if I would have a partner again, I knew I needed to find a sense of fulfillment that would sustain me, and bring a new and different sense of purpose. Fast forward to 7 months ago. I came on board with The Arc of SW WA as the development coordinator, and quickly found use for the sales and business experience I had acquired over the years. I felt proud that my skill-set was contributing to the service of those that experience developmental disabilities, but it was with the addition of the P2P coordinator piece that I felt inspired! As the Mom of a now 23yr old son who has fought his way through diagnosis of low IQ, severe communication disorder, and “global disabilities” I am so grateful that it’s me on the other end of the phone as the calls for help and support come in. More often than not, the calls are from single parents processing diagnosis, the complexities of the DD world, IEP’s, work, and at times on the brink of homelessness as well!”

“The role of Parent to Parent coordinator is an honored one. I consider the vulnerability of these families as they share their stories a gift, and I am happy to engage this part of my heart as I serve here. As I come in touch with the ever growing need for supports, I am motivated to stay up-to-date on local resources that will make figuring out the next “right thing to do” more obvious, and more easily identifiable.” 

“Time will tell what impact I am able to have on my community as I have only served in this way for about 8 weeks. If Anything, I am the one who gets to go home feeling happy to be part of the ripple effect of so much good.”