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2022 legislative session:


Session Calendar of Cut-off Dates


2022 Bills of Interest    Updated for January 24, 2022


2022 Weekly Hearings of Interest  Updated for January 24, 2022


2022 Budget Proposals

The Governor’s budget proposal is released in December 2021 for the legislature to use as a basis for their proposals in the 2022 legislative session. The House and Senate will release their proposals in February 2022, then will need to work on a final compromise budget by the end of session in March 2022.


Governor’s Proposal December 2021  



2021 legislative session:


Bills of Interest – Updated 5/4/21


Operating Budget Side-by-side (Senate/House/Final) Updated 5/4/2021 


Budget Side-by-side with DD Advocate Requests: 4/7/2021


Capital Budget Side-by-side (Senate/House/Final) 2021-23 Updated 4-26-21


Additional Budget Information: