2023 IDD Support and Advocacy Survey

Top of mind: Access to services, equity, housing

Image is a an info graphic. Text: People who have a disability: 1. Disability equity 2. Access to support 3. Housing Black, Indigenous and People of Color 1. Access to support 2. Disability equity 3. Health care All respondents 1. Access to support 2. Workforce. 3. Disability equity 4. Housing 5. Caregiver/family support 6. Health care and mental health 7. Education

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In fall of 2023, we surveyed people from across state to ask them what they needed in terms of support and advocacy.

You can download and read the report here.

Image of survey coverIn an open-ended question (“What are you concerned about?”), people called out inability to access services. Disability equity, housing, and health care were also mentioned often.
People where then asked how worried they were about some specific issues. Housing and support to live in and be part of the community rose to the top, as did mental health services or other behavior support. But results varied a bit when groups were broken out.
Respondents left hundreds of comments that collectively capture a system that is difficult to access or rely on, especially for people with complex health and behavior.
The survey report includes 4 sections:
  • About me/demographic information
  • How I feel about things
  • Access to support
  • Degree of support for legislative issues

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