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It’s all about the money (and jobs!)

The House and Senate budget are out, but only one tackles the wait list for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Find out which one it is, and how to let your legislators…Full story

Stayin’ Alive

It's the sixth week of a nine week session—a time when most bills fail…Full story

Best Bill Round Up…Ever

As legislators hunker down for some crucial bill deadlines, Diana Stadden and Alexa Atkins…Full story

Tackling the Wait List

Several pieces of legislation seek to remedy the issue of DDA's perpetual wait list…Full story

Support for Supported Living

Supported Living providers, family members and self-advocates rally for increased wages and benefits for…Full story

It’s a Wrap!

Session 2014 is over and the results are in: more funding and better policies for developmental disability programs and services. Hosted by Ed Holen and Sue Elliott Full story

The Short Supplemental Session was Packed!

Final cut-off for bills The last major bill cut-off was Friday, March 7th.…Full story

CMS Finds Violations

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) just issued a letter which…Full story

Sine die is coming soon… or is it

The term “sine die” (pronounced SIGH-nee dye) is a Latin phrase which means “without…Full story

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