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Battle of the Budgets

We're nearing the end of the 2015 regular session, but the budget process has really only just begun. Now that all three proposals are on the table, learn how each has a little something…Full story

Halfway through: Which bills are still moving?

The cut-off for bills to get voted off the House or Senate floor was March 11th at 5 pm. Any bills not passed by then died ... maybe. There is an exception for bills…Full story

2015 Bills of Interest – How do they develop?

Bills have many steps to go through in the legislative process. It starts with…Full story

2014 Elections - Candidate Questionnaires

2014 is an election Year! Candidates want your vote. In order to help…Full story

The 2014 Legislative Wrap-up

Session ended on time! The 2014 supplemental legislative session ended on…Full story

The Short Supplemental Session was Packed!

Final cut-off for bills The last major bill cut-off was Friday, March 7th.…Full story

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