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New Community First Choice Program

Bea Rector of Home & Community Services talks about a new program ahead that will affect tens of thousands of individuals receiving personal care. It's called Community First Choice. Hosted by Ed Holen and…Full story

2014 Elections - Candidate Questionnaires

2014 is an election Year! Candidates want your vote. In order to help you, the voter, make informed decisions about who should represent you, we have created two questionnaires, one on congressional issues…Full story

The Short Supplemental Session was Packed!

Final cut-off for bills The last major bill cut-off was Friday, March 7th.…Full story

CMS Finds Violations

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) just issued a letter which…Full story

Sine die is coming soon… or is it

The term “sine die” (pronounced SIGH-nee dye) is a Latin phrase which means “without…Full story

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