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Employment and Equity for All

It's Employment for All Advocacy Day in Olympia just as the Senate and House operating budgets are released. Listen to what advocates have to say about employment, and learn what's not in the budget…Full story

Standing Strong for ALL Families

Families from all over Washington came to Olympia this week to educate legislators about…Full story

Disability Pride

It's Disability Pride Day in Olympia. Advocates share what they're telling legislators this session…Full story

Insider Extra!

Insider Extra! HB 2822 — Defining Service Animals in Washington State Emily…Full story

Support for Supported Living

Providers, family members and other advocates share their concerns and requests to lawmakers for…Full story

Olympia Reporter 1/22/18

A fast-paced 2018 session has started! This is a supplemental legislative session. That means that last year was the session in which legislators came up with and finalized a 2-year Operating Budget for…Full story

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