Thanks to a generous grant from the Developmental Disabilities Council’s Dan Thompson Memorial Fund, Parents4Housing can now provide free Residential Assessments to 6,688 families in Washington State.


As a family member, completing a Residential Assessment (RA) will help you explore housing possibilities and make a plan for the future of your family member with IDD. The RA starts with an online questionnaire, where you and your family member will define your housing goals. This person-centered approach helps you and your family understand how to access all the benefits your family member is eligible for, including that all-important Section 8 housing subsidy.


The Arc of Washington is thrilled to be partnering to help reach as many families as possible in Washington state.


Taking the First Step: The Residential Assessment (Washington)

Legal Disclaimer: 

Partners4Housing is an independent for-profit organization which is not affiliated with The Arc of Washington State.  The Arc of Washington State is partnering with Partners4Housing so that the link to the Residential Assessment is readily available to our members, stakeholders, and our Arc community.  The Arc of Washington state receives a small financial benefit from completed assessments to offset the costs of hosting the link to the assessment and supporting its distribution across the state.  The Arc of Washington State cannot access the information you provide on the Residential Assessment and does not have any rights to the residential assessment data or content.


Before completing your application, we encourage you to view frequently asked questions from Partners4Housing here.




If you have any additional questions or need assistance with the assessment, please contact Michelle O’Dell with Thurston County Coalition at