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Learning that your child has special health or developmental needs can be an emotional experience. Parents and caregivers often have questions and concerns as they learn to adjust. Personal support from another parent, who has a child with similar needs, can help!


During these initial days, weeks and months, keep it simple:


1 Know that you are not alone. There is a caring community of other families waiting to meet and support you on this journey.
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2 Know that you may experience many emotions, including denial, fear, anger and sadness; this is NORMAL. This process is personal and unique for every parent.
Link to The Four Stages of Adaptation

in Spanish – Las Cuatro Etapas de la Adaptacion

  Understanding the States of Grief (for Parents of Children with Special Needs)
Parents whose child receives a diagnosis go through a different kind of grieving process. Understanding it can help you cope.
  The Unplanned Journey
3 Know that as your child grows and develops, you will too! You’ll learn about services, supports and resources that will help your child and family.
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Saber que su hijo tiene necesidades especiales de salud o desarrollo puede ser toda una experiencia emocional. Los padres y los cuidadores a menudo tienen preguntas e inquietudes a medida que aprenden a ajustarse a la situación. El apoyo personal de otro padre, que tiene un hijo con necesidades similares, puede se de gran ¡ayuda!

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