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2015 Supported Living Rally

Your Idea Can Be a State Law

Being an Effective Advocate brochure

Action Network brochure

New Community First Choice Program

Changes to Individual and Family Services

NDT centers

News to Know - 12/11/2014

Autism Tales: Reflecting on Holland

A proud mom from Grant/Adams Counties shares about her son.

“...the school district and our local Parent 2 Parent became our new community…”

2015 Legislators

Elected Officials

These are the leaders elected to represent your voice.

monthly-daily costs

A “Sense of Community”

The Arc of SW Washington and P2P gives a "sense of community."

A “Sense of Community”

2014 Report Summaries

OEO report 2014

Hours that Count

Homes to Waters

CMS Lakeland 2014 report

Residential Habilitation Centers (RHC)

Companion Homes

State Operated Living Alternative (SOLA)

Community Crisis Stabilization Services

Supported Living Services

Voluntary Placement Services

Employment and Day Fact Sheet

Path to Employment Fact Sheet

State Supplementary Payment Fact Sheet

Individual and Family Services Fact Sheet

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employment charts

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charts 2015 funding

employment pages 2015

2015 guardianship pages

2015 residential pages

2015 rights pages

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2015 self advocacy pages

2015 employment pages

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2015 education

2015 toxics pages

2015 issues index

2015 cover-index

2014 CMS - Lakeland letter

2015 Legislative Notebook

A summary of policy & budget issues, data charts and reports for the 2015 legislative session

Parent Coalitions

For parents and families advocating for their loved ones.

Parent Coalitions

For parents and families

2015 Hot Tips

Parent to Parent Support: A Life Saver

“Our family has benefited enormously from our involvement with Parent to Parent.”

A parent in Yakima shares how Parent to Parent has benefited her family.

2015 Hot Tips

5 Ways The Providers at Children’s Village Have Enriched Our Journey

A parent shares specific ways that the providers at Children's Village have supported her son and her family.

Online Training Evaluation - Pennsylvania

Molly Loves - By Cyndy Knight, Walla Walla P2P

Mohammad Said - District 13

Michelle Caldier - District 26

Gael Tarleton - District 36 Position 2

An Aunt in Spokane Shares Her Experience with P2P

“It was a pleasure to come to The Arc of Spokane, Parent 2 Parent program, for a consultation…”

An aunt from Spokane, WA shares her experience with P2P.

Marcus Riccelli - District 3 Position 1

Kathy Haigh - District 35 Position 1

Dawn Morrell - District 25 Position 1

Jim McDermott - Congressional District 7

John Dickinson - District 37 Position 1

Laurie Jinkins District 27 Position 1

John Stafford - District 37 Senator

Jeff Holy - Legislative District 6 Position 2

Josiah Rowell - Legislative District 35 Position 1

Daniel Griffey - Legislative District 35 Position 1

Susan DelBene - Congressional District 1

Doug McQuaid -Congressional District 7

Birth Injury Guide

Rowland Martin - District 37 Senator

Sam Hunt - District 22 Position 2

Jason Bergstrom - District 29 Position 1

Judy Arbogast - District 26 Senator

Phil Fortunato - District 31 Position 2

James Olsen - District 23 Position 2

Nathan Schlichler - District 26 Position 1

Larry Seaquist - District 26 Position 2

Eric Renz - District 25 Position 2

A Parent in Lewis County Shares

A parent from Lewis County shares her experience with Parent to Parent WA.

A Lewis County Parent

Jan Angel - District 26 Senator

Jan Angel - District 28 Senator

Jan Angel - District 28 Senator

Steve Owens - District 22 Position 1

Maureen Walsh - District 16 Position 1

Don Rivers - Congressional Candidate District 9

Donovan Rivers - Congressional District 9

Legislative Questionnaire

Congressional Questionnaire

2014 Elections - Candidate Questionnaires

James Apker - Candidate for Legislative District 7 Position 1

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