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Advocacy in Washington State

Guide To Home Remodeling For People With Disabilities

2016 Hot Tips

Sunnyside Mom Shares With Yakima P2P

Changes Are Here: Update on IFS

Three Special Sessions, but finally a budget!

Olympia Insider: It’s a Wrap!

2015 Bills

Final 2015 Budget

News to Know 6/22/15

2015 Budget

Bills of Interest

KING 5 Investigates: Washington’s Long Wait List

P2P Webinar: April 29, 2015: Notes

Active Listening Activities

Skagit P2P HP Training: Communication Section

Skagit P2P HP Training Evaluation

Skagit P2P HP Questionnaire

Skagit P2P HP Training

Whatcom P2P HP Training Survey

PPT: Whatcom P2P HP - Grief Section

Resilience Traits


MCH Performance Measure Map - 2013

Getting to Green

Five Protective Factors

County Child Health Notes Newsletter on ACES (DRAFT)

PPT: Using ACES in P2P Programs

PPT: Using Social Media to Facilitate Peer Support

PPT: Overview of WA P2P Programs

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 6

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 5

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 4

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 3

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 2

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 1

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Table of Contents

Alexa Atkins - 10 Years Employed At Starbucks!

Special Session ending, still no budget!

2015 Bills of Interest

News to Know 5/19/15

Bills of Interest 5-18-15

KING 5 Investigates: Abuse of DDA Clients

News to Know - 5/13/15

P2P Resource & Info Brochure: April 2015

P2P Site List - May 2015

Bills of Interest 4/23/15

It’s a Wrap (sort of): Part One

Job Opening: The Arc of King County

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Budget - Governor House Senate amended

Budget - Governor-House-Senate

Bills of Interest 4-13-15

Battle of the Budgets

Budget - Governor House Senate

2015 Budget Comparison Governor vs. House

Bills of Interest 3-30-15

Legislative Meetings Schedule Week of 3-30-15

Grants for Wheelchair Lifts/Ramps

Employment for All

Bills 3-25-15

Handouts From The Arc for 3-25-15

Legislative Meetings Schedule Week of 3-23-15

Bills of Interest 3-24-15

In Support of Families

Handouts From The Arc for 3-18-15

Bills of Interest 3-17-15

Olympia Insider: Civil Rights

Halfway through!

Lakeland Village Description of Violations 1-27-15

Descriptions of Violations 1-22-15

Lakeland Village Termination Letter

Bills of Interest 3-12-15

CMS Report - Lakeland Village - January 27, 2015

CMS Report - Lakeland Village - January 22, 2015

2015 Bills of Interest – How do they develop?

Bills of Interest 3-5-15

Education is Special

Bills of Interest 3-2-15

We Support Supported Living

Legislative Meeting Schedule Week of 2-23

Bills of Interest 2-24-15

Can you hear me now?

Hearings week of 2/16/15

Bills of Interest 2/17/15

2015 Cut-off Schedule

Handouts for 2/18/15

Handouts for 2/11/15

Handouts for 2/4/15

Handouts for 1/28/15

Advocacy Day Handouts

Willing and ABLE

Legislative Meeting Schedule: Week of 2-9-15

“Like Hunting For a Light Switch In the Dark…”

Budget Roundup

Molly Loves

By Cyndy Knight

Hearings for the week from February 2

Off and Running: DD Advocacy 2015 Style

Hearings 1/26/15

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