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Budget - Governor House Senate amended

Budget - Governor-House-Senate

Bills of Interest 4-13-15

Battle of the Budgets

Budget - Governor House Senate

2015 Budget Comparison Governor vs. House

Bills of Interest 3-30-15

Legislative Meetings Schedule Week of 3-30-15

Grants for Wheelchair Lifts/Ramps

Employment for All

Bills 3-25-15

Handouts From The Arc for 3-25-15

Legislative Meetings Schedule Week of 3-23-15

Bills of Interest 3-24-15

In Support of Families

Handouts From The Arc for 3-18-15

Bills of Interest 3-17-15

Olympia Insider: Civil Rights

Halfway through: Which bills are still moving?

Lakeland Village Description of Violations 1-27-15

Descriptions of Violations 1-22-15

Lakeland Village Termination Letter

Bills of Interest 3-12-15

CMS Report - Lakeland Village - January 27, 2015

CMS Report - Lakeland Village - January 22, 2015

2015 Bills of Interest – How do they develop?

Bills of Interest 3-5-15

Education is Special

Bills of Interest 3-2-15

Resilience Traits

Resilience - Greg Schell

MCH Performance Measure Map 2013

Getting to Green - A Color Chart

Five Protective Factors - By Strengthening Families

County Child Health Notes on ACES (DRAFT)

Using ACES in Parent to Parent Programs

We Support Supported Living

Legislative Meeting Schedule Week of 2-23

Bills of Interest 2-24-15

Can you hear me now?

Hearings week of 2/16/15

Bills of Interest 2/17/15

2015 Cut-off Schedule

Handouts for 2/18/15

Handouts for 2/11/15

Handouts for 2/4/15

Handouts for 1/28/15

Advocacy Day Handouts

Willing and ABLE

Legislative Meeting Schedule: Week of 2-9-15

Endowment Trust Marketing RFP

“Like Hunting For a Light Switch In the Dark…”

Budget Roundup

Molly Loves

By Cyndy Knight

Hearings for the week from February 2

Off and Running: DD Advocacy 2015 Style

Hearings 1/26/15

Non-Judgmental Companionship

Hearings week of 1-19

Budget - 2015 Governor

1-20-15 Bills of Interest

2015 Guidebook

Bills of Interest 1-20-15

Community Residential (Revised)

Supported Employment Chart

Employment pages

Supported Employment

Hot Tips Booklet for 2015

2015 Hot Tips booklet

Committee Hearings

Cambios por Venir: Cuidado Personal y Primera Opcion

Vienen Cambios: Programa de Servicios para el Individuo & la Familia

2015 DD 101

2015 Governor’s Budget Proposal

2014 Bills of Interest

Governor’s Budget Breakdown

Tips on Matching

2015 Supported Living Rally

Your Idea Can Be a State Law

Being an Effective Advocate brochure

Action Network brochure

New Community First Choice Program

Changes to Individual and Family Services

NDT centers

News to Know - 12/11/2014

Autism Tales: Reflecting on Holland

A proud mom from Grant/Adams Counties shares about her son.

“...the school district and our local Parent 2 Parent became our new community…”

2015 Legislators

Elected Officials

These are the leaders elected to represent your voice.

monthly-daily costs

A “Sense of Community”

The Arc of SW Washington and P2P gives a "sense of community."

A “Sense of Community”

2014 Report Summaries

OEO report 2014

Hours that Count

Homes to Waters

CMS Lakeland 2014 report

Residential Habilitation Centers (RHC)

Companion Homes

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