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Ethan Saylor

Enhancing background Checks


Wee Care

WA State Parent Coalitions

Snohomish county DD

Self Advocates Agenda

The Arc of WA agenda

Pierce County agenda

DDC agenda

King County DD agenda

CRSA agenda

CEA agenda

Clark County


Statewide reception 2017

2017 RHC Charts

2017 Residential Charts

2017 Employment Charts

2017 Waiver Charts

2017 Caseload Charts

2017 Budget Charts

Charts cover

budget charts

2017 Legislative Agendas

2017 Fact Sheets

2017 Advocacy Days

2017 Legislators

2017 Reports

2017 Notebook Cover/Introduction

2017 Issue Papers

2017 Legislative Notebook

A summary of policy & budget issues, data charts and reports for the 2017 legislative session

Dignity of Risk

Cerebral Palsy Guide

Welcome To…Vegas?

P2P Virtual Support Groups King Co 2016

P2P Disability Brochure Oct 2016

P2P Information Ethnic Outreach Sheet

Parent to Parent Coordinators

2017 Hot Tips

Tech Tips: Apps 101 - For Apple

Tech Tips: Apps 101 - for Androids

Adam Smith

Christine Kilduff

Questionnaire 2016

Kathy Gillespie

Timm Ormsby

P2P Site List - July 2016

The Arc’s Disability Advocacy Network

Costco needs to Mind the Store

Erin Smith Aboudara

“Parent to Parent is a ‘life line’ for new families entering the world of special needs.”

Tracie Hoppis, Yakima P2P

Parent Coalitions

Testimony: Kim Smith, South Sound Parent to Parent

Testimony from Kim Smith, South Sound Parent to Parent given during the 2016 Legislative Session.

Testimony: Michelle Williams, Kittitas County

This is the testimony that Michelle Williams gave to her Legislators in January 2016 when she commented on the P2P bill.

Washington State Parent Coalitions

For parents and families advocating for their loved ones with I/DD

P2P: Example of Coord. Job Announcement

Community Advocacy Coalition (CAC)

Organizations dedicated to ensuring community services exist and are funded for people with I/DD

Pam Pollock

Bill Bryant

Kim Wyman

Karen Johnson

Don Rivers

Disability Advocacy Engagement

Dan Maher

Tina Podlodowski

KumRoon Maksirisombat

Amy Pivetta Hoffman

Grazyna Prouty

Mark Hargrove

Erin Jones

Michelle Chatterton

Robin Fleming

Developmental Disabilities Council

Washington State DDC

Annette Cleveland

Ronda Metcalf

Al Runte

Katrina Ondracek

Kathleen Arthur

Lynnette Vehrs

Andy Billig

Javier Figueroa

Steve Rubenstein

Laurie Dolan

Margaret Walsh

Ramiro Valderrama

Brian Travis

Alec Fisken

Kari Ilonummi

Mary Ruth Edwards

Craig Keller

Dick Muri

Irene Bowling

Keith Smith

Angie Homola

Dan Griffey

Paul Nuchims



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