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2016 Eastern WA Candidates

Winning In College: A Guide For Students With Disabilities

2016 Candidate Questionnaire

The Best Kept Secret

2016 Western WA Candidates

2016 Candidates

November 8, 2016 is Election Day

WA State P2P Request for Proposals (RFP)

P2P RFP 2016

The Capitol Insider Blog

The Capitol Insider is the official blog of The Arc’s public policy office.

Know Your Rights

An overview of Federal civil rights laws that ensure equal opportunity for people with disabilities

Public Policy and Legal Advocacy

Policy Issues Affecting People with Disabilities

RHC and Community Cost Comparison

2016 DD 101

Privacy Policy

2016 Legislative Session Ends!

It’s a Wrap!

2016 Budget - Final

2016 Bills - Final

California set to close all institutions for the disabled

Family Community Connections Guidebook

Bills 3-15-16

Budget Proposals 2016

The End of the 2016 Legislative Session?

Welcome To…Vegas?

Bills 3-3-16

Employment for All!

2016 Budget Comparison Governor/House/Senate

2016 Budget G-H

Bills 2/23/16

Bills of Interest 2/22

Hearings 2/22

Power Up Families!

Bills 2-18-16 died

Bills 2-18-16

We are halfway through the 2016 Legislative Session

Bills 2-12-16

Disability Pride

Hearings 2-9-16

Bills 2-7-16

We Support Supported Living

Hearings 1-25-16

Bills 1-25-16

Be a Superhero for DD!

2016 Cutoff Dates

2016 Budget

Bills 1/21/16

Washington State Hands and Voices

“I feel grateful to have connected to the program…”

2016 Wee Care agenda

2016 Parent Coalitions Agenda

King County DD Board

Snohomish County Agenda

DDC Agenda

Wee Care Agenda

King County DD

Community Employment Alliance

Toxic Free Kids & Families

Individual Provider One

The Arc agenda

2016 PFOW agenda

2016 SAW agenda

2016 SAIL agenda

2016 King Co agenda

Supported Living Minimum Wage

2016 House Members

2016 Senate Members

2016 RHC Charts

2016 Waiver Data

2016 Residential Charts

2016 DDA Admin

2016 Employment Charts

2016 Caseload Data

2016 Budget Pages

Adaptive Star Mobility Inc.

2016 College Resources for Students With Disabilities

2016 Legislative Notebook

A summary of policy & budget issues, data charts and reports for the 2016 legislative session

P2PUSA Road Map: 1971-2015

P2PUSA Road Map: 1971-2015

Superhero cover

2016 Legislators

2016 Charts

2016 Advocacy Days

2016 Legislation Pages

Advocacy in Washington State

Guide To Home Remodeling For People With Disabilities

2016 Hot Tips

Sunnyside Mom Shares With Yakima P2P

Changes Are Here: Update on IFS

Three Special Sessions, but finally a budget!

Olympia Insider: It’s a Wrap!

2015 Bills

Final 2015 Budget

News to Know 6/22/15

2015 Budget

Bills of Interest

KING 5 Investigates: Washington’s Long Wait List

P2P Webinar: April 29, 2015: Notes

Active Listening Activities

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