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P2P Conference Call Notes 3-4-14

P2P Volunteer Shares Her Story

It’s a Wrap!

2014 Budget - final version

Bills of Interest

Bills of Interest

The Short Supplemental Session was Packed!

It’s all about the money (and jobs!)

2014 Budget Comparison Gov Senate House_2-27-14

Budget Side-by-side

Bills of Interest

Stayin’ Alive

Bills of Interest 2-19

Best Bill Round Up…Ever

Bills of Interest 2-14

Tackling the Wait List

Support for Supported Living

Wings for Autism

Bills of Interest

Great Expectations

2014 Hot Tips

Legislators 12-23 update

2014 Governor Inslee’s Budget Proposal

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 6

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 5

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 4

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 3

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 2

P2P HP Manual in Spanish - Ch. 1

P2P HP Training Manual in Spanish - Table of Contents

CMS Finds Violations

Office of Public Guardianship

Childrens Mental Health Settlement

Guardianship Reform

Adult Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

Legislators 12-4 update

Maintain Housing Trust Fund

back cover


front cover

Improve Investigation of Abuse and Neglect


Wage Parity for Direct Support Staff

Supported Living Direct Support Professionals

Supported Living Direct Support Professionals


Early Support for Infants and Toddlers

People First of WA


Self-Advocates in Leadership

Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act

Endangered Missing Persons Advisory

First Responder Training

Enhanced Respite Services

Peer Support Networks

No Paid Services Waitlist

Deaths by Residence Type

Planned and Emergent Short-Term Stays

RHC Placement Client Counts

State-Federal Cost Per Day SOLA VPP

Waivers and RHC Average Monthly Cost

The Haves and the Have-Nots

Community Residential Services Options

Starting Wage for Supported Living Direct Support Staff

Individual and Family Services - Personal Care

Pre-Vocational Employment

Employment Demographics

capitol map

Numbers Approved by Service Type and employment type

Transition Students by Region

Waiver Client Information

Home & Community Based Services Funded Waiver Capacity

Where People Live—Type of Residence by Region

Where Do They Live

Clients with NO PAID SERVICE By County

2013 DDA Program Caseload Information

Caseload growth - budget

Biennial Budget Overview

2014 Legislators

CMS Lakeland review

Increasing Access and Equality

Improving payment systems and monitoring

I-1163 audit

Playing on Poisons

Empowering Choice

FHMC follow up

SL Report

overviews for all reports

2014 Advocacy Days

2014 Legislators

2014 Legislative Notebook

A summary of policy & budget issues, data charts and reports for the 2014 legislative session

P2P PowerPoint: Using Social Media to Facilitate Peer Support

“Special Kids: Surviving and Thriving While Raising a Child With Special Needs” - P2P Programs

Global Autism Collaboration

Advocacy ATLAS: Accessible Tools for Leadership and Advocacy Success

Managed Care in Arizona - Part 1

Managed Care in Michigan - Part 2

Managed Care in Wisconsin - Part 3

Managed Care in Washington - Part 4

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