2015 Legislative Notebook

A summary of policy & budget issues, data charts and reports for the 2015 legislative session

2015 Legislative Notebook for    

Developmental DisAbility Issues    

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Notebook Cover/Index

Issue Pages:

Issues Index

Below are groups of one page information sheets on topics for the 2015 legislative session. Click on the subject title to download a pdf file that includes the pages listed under each heading.


Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act
Toxics Reduction Act


Early Support for Infants and Toddlers
Neurodevelopmental Centers (page revised)
Applied Behavior Analyst Licensure
Enhanced Respite Services


Reduce Restraints and Seclusion
Ending Unnecessary Restraints and Seclusion
Blue Ribbon Commission For Students with Disabilities


Supported Employment Services (REVISED)
Supported Employment AND/OR Day Service


Community Residential Services  REVISED!
Minimum Wage Increase for Supported Living Services
Wage Parity for Direct Support Staff
Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Supported Living
Adult Family Home Licensing
Housing Trust Fund

Self Advocacy:

Self Advocates In Leadership
Self Advocates of Washington
People First of Washington


Fund Office of Public Guardianship
Alternatives to Guardianship
Guardianship Reform: Stopping Isolation

Residential Habilitation Centers (RHC):

Center of Excellence Study
CMS Findings on Lakeland Village
Multiple Agencies find Violations at Lakeland Village


Intermediate Sanctions in Supported Living Provider Programs
Investigation of Abuse and Neglect in Supported Living
Children’s Mental Health Settlement


Funding data:

DDA Biennial Base Funding
DDA Caseload Growth/Budget Appropriation by Fiscal Year

Caseload data:

DDA Program Caseload Information
Clients Approved by Service Type
DDA No Paid Services/Wait List Clients by County
No Paid Services Caseload
People with Developmental Disabilities—Where Do They Live?
Where People Live—Type of Residence by Region

Waivers/Individual & Family Services data:

HCBS Waiver Capacity
HCBS Waiver Client Information
Individual and Family Services Program
Individual and Family Services Expenditures
Individual and Family Services with other Services

Employment data:

Transition Students by Region
Employment Services—Wages and Earnings
Employment Demographics
Pre-Vocational Employment

Residential data:

Community Residential Services Options

Supported Living Wages NEW!

Waiver and Residential Costs by Setting (page updated to include AFH and Companion homes)

Residential Service Options for Children
RHC and SOLA Costs
RHC and SOLA Client Counts
Deaths by Residence Type

Program Fact Sheets

The Developmental Disabilities Administration has provided fact sheets on various programs used by individuals with developmental disabilities and their families with a program overview, eligibility, RCW/WAC authority and more. 


Click here for a summary of the Reports.

Agency Budget Requests:

Developmental Disabilities Administration - Full budget recommendation

Developmental Disabilities Administration - Agency Budget Request

2015 Legislators

Room numbers and phone numbers may change once the Legislature is in session on January 12, 2015.