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2018 Candidate Responses

Developmental Disabilities Information

2018 Candidates Questionnaires

People with developmental disabilities electing Legislators using Informed Decision-making

Facts About the HCBS 5 New Waviers

2018 Hot Tips

Week 7 Notes

Operating Budget Side-by-Side Comparison:  Governor Senate House Final

Operating Budget Side-by-Side Comparison

2018 Capital Budget Comparison G S H F

Bills of Interest 3-12-18


Olympia Reporter 3/12/18

P2P Disability Resource Information Brochure March 2018

P2P Coordinator Site List March 2018

Bills of Interest 3-1-18

Week 6 - Budget

2018 Supplemental Operating Budget Comparison Gov Sen Hse

2018 Capital Budget Comparison G S H

2018 Capital Budget Comparison G S H

Bills of Interest 2-27-18

All About the Budget

Employment and Equity for All

2018 Capital Budget Comparison G S H

Hearing Schedule for week of 2-19-18

Bills of Interest 2-18-18

You help me find resources and possibilities for my daughter’s future.

Anonymous King County parent

Hearing Schedule for Week of 2-12-18 rev

Week 4 Families

Week 5 Protections (3)

Standing Strong for ALL Families

Hearing Schedule for week of 2-5-18

Bills of Interest 2-5-18

Parent Support Ethnic Outreach December 2017 Spanish

P2P Newsletter - February 2018

Bills of Interest 1-29-18

Disability Pride

Insider Extra!

Hearing Schedule for week of 1-29-18

week 3 self advocates

Support for Supported Living

My Journey in Holland-we came out stronger as a couple and as parents.

Week 2 Residential

Bills of Interest 1-23-18

Hearing Schedule for week of 1-22-18

Bills of Interest 1-21-18

Bills of Interest 1-21-18

Olympia Reporter 1/22/18

2018 Advocacy Days!

Working in Harmony for 2018

Week 1 - Policy Briefing

Hearing Schedule for week of 1-15-18

Bills of Interest 1-16-18

My Journey in Holland by Samantha J (Yakima)

We couldn’t agree on parenting our 3 year old son, who has Autism and sensory processing disorder. This diagnosis came with so many new things, we didn’t know where to start or who to turn to for advice. Then one day I got an email saying that a new Holland session was starting in the Spring.

My Journey in Holland-Samantha J-Yakima

Hearing Schedule for Week 1/11/18

P2P Newsletter - January 2018

Bills of Interest 1/11/18

2018 Advocacy Days

I can’t imagine where I’d be without the Arc.

Anonymous parent (King County P2P)

I can’t imagine where I’d be without the Arc.

On-Line Training-PA instructions

PA Peer Supporter online training brochure

GA On-Line Support Parent Training

Bills of Interest 1/10/18

History of Bills Passed

Bills signed by the Governor from Past Sessions

Bills of Interest test

2018 Legislature

2018 DD 101


Report-Amicus Budget

Report-McCleary Amicus

Report-Transition Plan

Report-Media & Law Enforcement

Report-DDA Survey

Report=DD mental health

Report-Family Caregivers

Report-TV Reality

Report-DD Ombuds

Report-DD & Alzheimers

Report-Education Ombuds

No Excuses

Report-Fircrest Master Plan

2018 Reports

2018 Legislature

2018 DD 101

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2018 SPED Safety Net

2018 SPED Cost Multiplier

2018 Equity in Student Discipline

2018 B-3/Employment/Day

2018 Community Residential

2018 Residential Habilitation Centers

2018 DDA Service Types

2018 Living Statistics

2018 Waiver Charts

Una lista para la transición a la atención de adultos

2018 Caseload Charts

2018 Budget Charts

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