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Bills of Interest 5/16/17

Bills of Interest 5/16/17

P2P HP Manual Introduction and Table of Contents

P2P HP Manual Chapter 1 rev 5-8-17

“From an adult sibling who is guardian for her brother now.”

--Connected her to the Adult Sibling Network getting started.

P2P Newsletter May 2017

P2P Coordinator Site List May 2017

Notes:  “The Science of HOPE- Health Opportunities for People Everywhere” conference   in Seattle, W

Parent Mentors Child Welfare

Final Report UC Berkeley 2009 Evaluation of Contra Costa Parent Partners

Child Welfare 2010

Child Welfare Parent Partner Mentoring Program

Olympia Reporter 4/26/17

Bills as of 4/26/17

Cerebral Palsy Guidance

Bills of Interest 4/11/17

Hearings - week of 4/10/17

Bills 4/10/17

Bills 4/6/17

P2P April 2017 Newsletter

Disability Pride

Academic Accommodations for Students

Hearing for the Week of 3/27/17

Budget - Gov, Senate, House

Bills of Interest 3/28/17

Creating a Home Where Your Child Can Thrive with a Disability

Military Family Member Program - EFMP

Help Loved Ones With Sensory Overload

Sesame Street and Autism

Elected Officials

2017 Legislators

Medicaid is Our Lifeline

Medicaid is Our Lifeline

Medicaid Action 2

Saving Medicaid

“From an adult sibling who is guardian for her brother now.”

Colton’s Crew

Colton’s Crew

"We now have a little “ginger” one-year-old boy who loves squash, his dog Arnold, and his big Sister Ali with all his heart and has Down Syndrome.” We are not alone anymore-connected to Parent to Parent/Children’s Village and many other parents.

Colton’s Crew

Hearings 3/13/17

Bills 5/13/17

Medicaid Update 3/8/17

The Future of Medicaid is in Your Hands - Action 1

Section by section

Do NOT Cut and Cap Medicaid - Medicaid Action 1

Articles on GOP Medicaid Spending 3/3/17

Medicaid Update: March 8, 2017

Section-by-Section Summary of the House Proposal

How GOP health care bill compares with Obama-era law

10) Peer Mentoring Talking Points

11) Waiver Services Descriptions for Clients


8) Individual and Family Services Waiver

7) IFS_Person Centered Planning

6) IFS_Peer Mentoring

5) IFS_Community Engagement

4) IFS Waiver Flyer

3) DDA Waiver Services by Waiver

1) Bulletin_IFS_Waiver

Parent support (indvidual-groups) for UW-Children’s Village

Support Group King Co Social Gathering Evaluation

Parent support (individual groups) spanish Yakima Tracie Hoppis

P2P Feedback Survey King County

2016 SS P2P HP Match Post Match Follow up Helping Parent 3 Month Check-In

We’ve made deep connections with other parents also on a similar journey.

We’ve made deep connections with other parents

We’ve made deep connections with other parents also on a similar journey. But, most importantly, we’ve been able to give back to others and, hopefully, make a difference to someone else. By Heather Milliren - Skagit County Parent to Parent Coordinator October 28, 2016

We’ve made deep connections with other parents - Heather Milliren

My Family Voice is Heard Because of Parent to Parent Platform

Tiffany Wheeler Thompson – Island County Parent to Parent January 26, 2017

Parent Support Ethnic Outreach March 2017

P2P Coordinator Site List May 2017

Helping Parent Training Evaluation (English) King Co

Notes: P2P Coordinators Training Wenatchee September 21-22, 2017 facilitated by Susan Atkins

June 2016 P2P Feedback Monkey Survey (King)

DDA Waiver Services and Contracts (New IFS) powerpoint

Coordinator Training Go To Meeting February 8, 2017 facilitated by Susan Atkins

P2P Newsletter March 2017

P2P Newsletter February 2017

P2P Newsletter January 2017

P2P Newsletter December 2016

P2P Newsletter November 2016

P2P Newsletter October 2016

P2P Newsletter September 2016

New IFS Waiver DDA documents

Helping Parent Presentation ISECC_Cathy Murahashi

Go To Meeting February 15, 2017 in Spanish

Bills of Interest 2/23/17

Support for All Families

P2P Helping Parent Training Presentation in Spanish January 2017 by Yakima County

Helping Parent Training by Cathy Murahashi July 19, 2013

Helping Parent Presentation ISECC by Cathy Murahashi July 19, 2013

A Living Wage for Supported Living

Hearings 2/13/17

Bills as of 2/13/17

Hearings for 2/6/17

2017 Bills as of 2/6/17

Hearings for week of 1/31

2017 Session Overview

2017 Budget

Budget Proposals 2017

Budget : Governor’s Proposal

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