We’ve made deep connections with other parents also on a similar journey.

Published Feb. 28, 2017

By Heather Milliren - Skagit County Parent to Parent Coordinator - October 28, 2016

My story of who I am, who is my family, and what is our biggest challenge.

As a little girl, my three most important goals were to someday marry a man that I am head over heels in love with, become an elementary school teacher and a mother.  And I did!  My husband, Bryan, and I recently celebrated our 25th anniversary.  We have three AMAZING children who mean the world to us.  And, I taught elementary school for 6.5 years before starting our family.  Our biggest challenge is slowing down the hands of time.

How has P2P helped me with participation, knowledge, relationships, experience and confidence?

P2P has forever changed me.  Never did I believe I would be fully immersed in the special needs world, meet such incredible people or grow as a leader taking issues/stories all the way to Washington, D.C.  As a high schooler, I was quite intimidated to do any public speaking.  Today, I am no longer willing to stay quiet on matters that need attention.  P2P continues to offer me opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

How has this impacted my family and my community?

I am grateful for the opportunities P2P has afforded my family.  We’ve been able to access resources for our daughter that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise.  We’ve made deep connections with other parents also on a similar journey.  But, most importantly, we’ve been able to give back to others and, hopefully, make a difference to someone else.
Used with permission 1/17/17