About the Community Advocacy Coalition

The Arc of Washington supports the Community Advocacy Coalition and its work to promote dignity and respect for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


During the state legislative session, the CAC meets weekly to review bills of interest and upcoming committee hearings. After the legislative session, the CAC meets monthly to learn about pending issues and collaborate with each other


The CAC does not have its own legislative platform. Rather it gives members a platform to educate each other and support each others’ advocacy. Read about the CAC values, here

A blue image. One person is helping up another. Text: The Community Advocacy Coalition is a mix of advocacy groups and service providers working collectively to promote dignity and respect for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We have 52 members. We work to ensure everyone gets the supports they need to live a quality life. Advocate and problem solve.

A blue building with a dome. Text: Inform and engage. The CAC provides a platform for members to: Share information; Educate one another; Coordinate legislative agendas; Goal: Ensure people with disabilities have a strong voice in government affairs. The CAC accomplishes this by advocating for meaningful community living, with full participation and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of society. We track bills and hearings. The CAC dos not have a legislative platform.

A blue and black symbol with a heart in center Text: Our values. All members support the continued trends toward building community capacity and institutional downsizing that leads to the elimination of institutional care, segregation, and isolation for people with developmental disabilities. All people with developmental disabilities should have the supports they need to live typical lives based on inclusion and full participation.