2023 Legislative Notebook

for Intellectual & Developmental Disability (IDD) Services
The 2023 Legislative session promises to be a very busy one! Last session, the legislature had lots of extra money to build up some things, like bringing wages up for Direct Support Professionals, allowing supported living providers to offer competitive wages for the first time in years. They also provided new funding to give the No Paid Services caseload some case managers, the first time since 2011 that those waiting for services can have someone to give them direction.
This year will be different though, as the revenue forecast for the state is not looking as good. We desperately need caseload forecasting so people who have been waiting years for services can get some relief. We also have a housing crisis for people with IDD. The pages, charts and reports below will provide some insight into what’s ahead.

Cover and Introduction


Issues for 2023:

(Each link is a one-page PDF.)



Charts and Data:

(Each link contains several pages in one PDF.)



Budget Decision Packages

(This link contains the pages listed below in one PDF.)


Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Decision Package Chart ~ DDA Agency Level Detail ~ DDA Policy Level Decision Package Prioritization ~ DDA Policy and Maintenance Level Requests ~ Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Decision Package


2023 Agency Budget Proposals (Decision Packages) & Agency Request Legislation

(This link contains the pages listed below in one PDF.)


Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) ~ Department of Health (DOH) ~ Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) ~ Health Care Authority (HCA) ~ Office of Homeless Youth (OHY)


Reports to the Legislature:

(Each link sends you to the website the report is accessed from.)



2023 Virtual Advocacy Days

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Pre-session Advocacy Day ~ Briefing of IDD Issues ~ Statewide Legislative Reception for People with IDD ~ Advocacy Day Schedule ~ The Arc of Washington State’s Action Center ~ “You Know Me…” Campaign ~ Make Your Voice Heard! ~ How to Testify in Committee


IDD 101 – Educate your legislators!

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Grassroots Advocacy, Community Values ~ True Caseload Forecasting for DDA Services ~ Core Waiver Utilization ~ Endless Wait Lists for People with IDD ~ Waiver Courtesy Forecast ~ Housing for People with IDD—We Are in Crisis! ~ DDA Biennial Base Funding ~ DDA Clients and State Budget Allotment ~ DD Services—How they are funded & where they are found ~ DDA HCBS Funded Waiver Capacity ~ TEFRA/Katie Beckett Waiver ~ DDA Clients on Paid & No Paid Caseloads (By County) ~ DDA Children and Adults by Residence Type ~ DDA Employment/Day Services (By County) ~ History and Use of Residential Habilitation Centers (RHC) ~ Residential Client Numbers and Costs ~ Schools Send Children Out-of-State! (3 pages)


2023 Legislators & State Officials

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Legislature ADA Coordinators ~ Washington State Executive Offices ~ Congressional Members ~ Washington State Senate by District ~ Washington State House of Representatives by District ~ 2023 Leadership Roles Defined ~ 2022 Senate Leadership ~ 2022 House Leadership ~ Testifying in a Virtual Committee Meeting ~ Committee Sign In – Remote Testimony ~ How to Create and Send a Message to a Legislator ~ 2023-24 Senate Standing Committees/Issue Areas ~ 2023-24 House Standing Committees/Issue Areas (This section will be updated in January 2023)


Legislative Priorities of Community Organizations:

(Each link contains the organizations Priorities in one PDF.)


Fact Sheets for DDA Programs & Services:

(The links below contain the pages listed under them in one PDF.)


Getting Started:

Guide to Eligibility, Supports & Services ~ DDA Eligibility & Services Guide ~ Road Map to Services & Supports ~ How to call the Social Security Administration ~ Request for Exception to Policy ~ Continuum of Care for Children Ages 0-18 ~ Community First Choice ~ Child Developmental Services ~ No-Paid Services Caseload ~ State Supplemental Payment (SSP)



Home & Community Based Waiver Services ~ Children’s Intensive In-home Behavior Supports Waiver ~ Individual & Family Services Waiver ~ Basic Plus Waiver ~ Core Waiver ~ Community Protection Waiver ~ Peer Mentoring ~ Specialized Habilitation


Community Residential:

A Guide to Residential Service Levels of Support ~ Supported Living Services ~ Adult Family Homes ~ Adult Family Homes Meaningful Day ~ Group Homes ~ Group Training Homes ~ Companion Homes ~ Adult Residential Care ~ Alternative Living Services ~Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist


Residential Habilitation Centers (RHC):

Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) ~ Residential Habilitation Centers ~ Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) ~ Residential Habilitation Centers ~ Nursing Facilities ~ Roads to Community Living ~ Adult Training Programs at Rainier School ~ Roads to Community Living Employment Initiative ~ Statewide Investigation Unit ~ Peer Mentoring ~ Family Mentor Project


Employment and Day Services:

Employment Support Services ~ Employment & Day Programs ~ Community Inclusion ~ What does a Community Guide & Engagement Provider do? ~ Community Engagement ~ Community Engagement & Community Guide ~Assistive Technology



Enhanced Respite Services ~ Overnight Planned Respite Services ~ What does a Community Guide & Engagement Provider do? ~ Community Engagement ~ Community Engagement & Community Guide



Positive Behavior Supports for Children ~ Positive Behavior Supports for Adults ~ Enhanced Case Management Program (ECMP) ~ Medically Intensive Children’s Program ~ Nursing Services ~ Stabilization, Assessment & Intervention Facility (SAIF) ~ Voluntary Placement Services (VPS)


Resources (Spanish available for some documents):